Twitter branding with no strings attached.

Twitter may have found an interesting middle ground between charging subscriptions and its traditional advertising revenue model – automatic promoted tweets for a flat rate monthly fee of $99, which may appeal to high-tweet users and brands.

Twitter have emailed users who have promoted in the past saying, “automatically amplify your tweets and profile” for a full 30 day period. The promotion includes analytics, so those who use the promotion service can see just how much additional reach, engagement and followers the $99 campaign is driving.

Twitter’s salespitch for the campaign is that it is extremely easy to implement – there’s no need to create any dedicated artwork or ads etc. It’s low commitment as well, as users of the service can cancel at any time.

Since it’s in beta, Twitter is offering participants the first 30 days free,  the $99 monthly fee will be applied after that. It’s invite-only, so you’ll likely have to be patient if you’re interested.

I think the concept has legs – premium features for power users could help boost Twitter’s revenue without the need for continuous user growth. I’m keen to see if this kind of promotion is what top end users would want to pay for – I’m thinking they will.

If you receive an invite from Twitter to participate in the beta trial and need some advice in setting up your free 30 day trial, give us a buzz at Ranking By Design, and we’ll talk you through it.  Easy!


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