No matter what size your business is, Ranking By Design knows that looking at your social media competition can help you do your job more effectively, including when it comes to growing your audience, engaging with your fans and customers, and enhancing your overall social media strategy.

However, social media competitive analysis isn’t just about keeping tabs on what your competitors are doing. Truly great competitive analysis will help you create informed benchmarks and build a competitive marketing campaign that accomplishes your business goals.

Digital marketing competitive research can be an incredibly time-consuming process. From deciding which competitors to track to putting together a full competitive analysis template, even the planning can feel like a time-suck.

Setting up your competitive analysis is as easy as telling us which competitors you want to track in your marketplace. We’ll conduct the competitor research, create the template, and build the competitive analysis report.

We offer a variety of ways for you to review and share your analysis, including our pre-built dashboards, curated PPT reports, custom dashboards with your favorite charts, scheduled reports and exports, and more.