So what exactly is keyword research and how does it effect your online brand and business?

Even though you may hear talk about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ and the ‘is it or isn’t it’ still relevant chats around the water cooler, keyword and word phrase research and selection is the foundation of your search engine optimisation planning.

The goal is to select keywords and phrases that have high traffic volume, strong commercial intent and at the same time are competitively reachable given the current state of your website’s rankings and authority. Once selected it is generally best to be committed to the successful ranking of the chosen keywords and build on their success.

Here’s some reason’s why keyword and phrase research and selection is important:

  • research helps us understand your target market or audience
  • research supports the optimisation of your website
  • research provides the insight that drives our content management strategy
  • research can be used to optimise social sites and other platforms
  • research can be leveraged for pay-per-click marketing
  • research can be used to measure your progress