According to Apple, ‘Selfies’ Will Now Need to Be Handed Out On The Street.


Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developers Conference a few days ago in San Jose, California with “Appocalypse,” a funny, but totally terrifying film that imagines a world without apps.

The short shows how the connected world as we know it goes haywire after a clueless Apple newcomer gets a temporary desk in the App Store’s server room, where he decides to unplug one of the contraptions so he can power up his little desk fountain.

People around the globe exercising, eating, Facetiming and playing video games stop in their tracks as the bright little app squares start to disappear, one by one, from their smart phones.

What happens next is how we may be living if it wasn’t for those little squares on our phones…

…”selfie, selfie, anyone want a selfie…?”  Ha Ha Ha.

View it here

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