5 Unspoken Rules of Social Media Marketing.

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By Tony Yeung

We all know of etiquette but have you heard of online etiquette? 

Some people cannot grasp the most basic etiquettes techniques when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

Do businesses need to pay attention to what they send out on social media?

Unfortunately, there is no standard guideline for “how to behave on social media”. The list of online etiquette can be very long.

However, I am going to outline 5 important unspoken rules of social media marketing.

Unspoken Rules of Social Media Marketing = Etiquette

Keep your opinions to yourself. When you use social media for your business, you should not discuss any controversial subjects and mention any “hot topics”, such as politics, gender, race, or region issues.

Respond to customers ASAP.When I work for my clients, I have to be ready 24/7. I have to expect to reply them asap. Social media platforms are channels of communications between customers and businesses. Keep things positive, informative, and professional.

Proofread before sending the message out. It is important to read your message before you click “tweet”, “post”, or “send”. Spelling and grammar are important. Also, make sure the hashtags is correct. For example, #Susanalbumparty is not the same as #SusanAlbumParty, and it can cause PR disasters.

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