Facebook adds ‘Signup’ Button.

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Data. Data. Data.

Those who know us would be used to hearing us say that data is the new gold.  If you don’t own your own, you’ll be paying someone for theirs.  Every post, blog or ad you send to off in to the www needs to be returning (at the very minimum) the data you need to minimise your social media marketing cost.

Facebook has been testing a “call-to-action” feature with select media outlets participating in its ‘Instant Articles’ program. The tools, which are embedded within their stories, prompt Facebook readers to sign up for newsletters, blogs  and the like. Facebook is now expanding those features to all media outlets using Instant Articles.

Now, here is where it gets interesting…Facebook is also working with publishers to promote free trials of digital subscriptions to newspapers or encourage readers to download their apps. The goal here is to give media publishers a direct relationship with their Facebook readers so they can convert them into paying customers.

Why, you may ask, would Facebook want to, in loose terms, give money away? Well while media companies need Facebook to reach a large audience, Facebook needs them more to tackle the ‘fake news’ crisis and ensure quality content from publishers is keeping people coming back to its platform.

Will this give newspaper subscription numbers the boost they so desperately need? Time (not much left) will tell.

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