Apple launches clips.

Apple has officially launched their new stand-alone video editing app, Clips.

The free-to-download social video editing app allows users to create video/photo sequences, add their own music, titles, emojis and share with their friends via Messages, Facebook, Instagram and more – argh, just another InstaSnap app, I hear you say – not quite.

Clips was created with social media in mind, and it could help social media experts and marketers more readily generate video content for their brands. One of the standout features of the app is “Live Titles”, the ability to record custom titles and captions using voice recognition. The pinch and zoom functionality that iOS is known for gives the user the ability to do some pretty awesome editing tricks and what I really like is the ability to access all your movie files on the device.

We’re expecting mobile video to boom to a $25 billion business by 2021 – that’s only 4 years away folks – so this is only the start of the tidal wave of video creation apps we’ll be seeing hit the market, so I hope you’re ready for your close up.

You can download Clips from the Apple App Store here for iPhone and iPad.

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